meaning of blogs

I have wondered a while back what people were supposed to do with blogs. I had read that the name came from "Weblogs", which basically tells all that it is. In the past, I often had misc files where I log ideas or events for later referral. That's what a blog is. The only qestion I had then was; What happens after I start writing blogs?

Yesterday I found good beginner info about blogs and finaly decided to start my blog here.

The idea then is that if we all are blogging what we do with GCC, HC11/HC12, and implementation ideas, together we make a world of difference. Sound good? It sure made a difference with Linux and GNU when more people "thought out loud".

Weblog and Wiki Documentation

Yes! The Weblog is intended to share easily news, information,
quick ideas but also complete articles. There is no real structuration
or organization in this.

Another thing is the Wiki documentation that provides a more
structured way to share the information.

I encourage everyone to use both!