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Fixing the rising edge of a 68HC11 output signal

Hardware or software problem? That's the question when your embedded board does not work as expected. Spotting the issue can be a challenge.

The article Fixing the rising edge of a 68HC11 output signal explains the hardware issue that I had, how I investigated it and finally solve the software issue which was the origin of the problem.

GCC HC11/12 and MCX11 / MCX12


I have ported the kernel MCX11 to MCX12 in order to use it with the MC9S12 microcontrollers family. Visit the GCC2MCX12 page at:
GCC2MCX11 revision 3 is also available at:

Fast and simple insert code into crt0.s


Some time ago there was a question of the sort, "How do I make my own crt0.o file". Then the buzz started, and everyone was talking about how to do these things, including relocating RAM and other hardware configuration.

It seemed overly dificult to worry about things like finding the original crt0.s file (I've only found it burried in the GCC source code), and taking chances of changing too much so it didn't properly initialize RAM and such. Well, I have a solution where all I do is insert my startup code in a specific slot within the default crt0.s without having to edit that file!

What packages for the GNU development chain?

Answer the poll What kind of packages are you the most interested in for the GNU development chain?
and tell what is your prefered distribution.

meaning of blogs

I have wondered a while back what people were supposed to do with blogs. I had read that the name came from "Weblogs", which basically tells all that it is. In the past, I often had misc files where I log ideas or events for later referral. That's what a blog is. The only qestion I had then was; What happens after I start writing blogs?

Yesterday I found good beginner info about blogs and finaly decided to start my blog here.

The idea then is that if we all are blogging what we do with GCC, HC11/HC12, and implementation ideas, together we make a world of difference.

GCC 68HC11 and MCX11


The kernel MCX11 can be used with GCC 68HC11. You can download the zip archive at:

Release 3.1 is available

Release 3.1 of the GNU HC11/HC12 port is now available.
It is available as source and binary for GNU/Linux and Windows.

It contains the following fixes and improvements:

* Upgrade to gcc 3.3.6
* Fix [bug #15493]: Code generation problem on 68HC12
* Fix [bug #13917]: Bug in gcc 3.0.1. Error with pre-decremented pointer array and -Ox switch
* Fix [bug #13879]: gcc gets a bus error upon compiling a file with -mshort and -O2

* Upgrade to gdb 6.4

This is available on the following sites:

and also on anonymous ftp server:

Weblog site created

The GNU Development Chain for 68HC11&68HC12 is facing a new look to promote the
sharing of information between users who would like to contribute.

The documentation will progressively migrate to the Media Wiki system.
This will give the opportunity to users to fix and improve the documentation.
Everybody is encouraged to contribute at any level. The only requirement is to be registered
but this is free.

News and articles will also follow a new integration model through the Drupal
CMS. This should simplify the production of news and articles for the tool chain.

Release 3.0.1 is available

Release 3.0.1 of the GNU Development Chain for 68HC11/68HC12 is available. It is based on Binutils 2.15, Gcc 3.3.5, Gdb 6.2 and Newlib 1.12.0.

It is available as source and binary for GNU/Linux and Windows.

It contains the following fixes and improvements:

* Fix [bug #11813] Code generation problem (bset/bclr -m68hc12 -Os
indirect addr)
* Fix [bug #12243] Loop compiles incorrectly (HC12)
* Fix [bug #12297] -fomit-frame-pointer and -Os generate wrong code on
the HCS12
* Fix [bug #12572] internal compiler error; unsigned short in for loop

This is available on the following sites:

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