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This page presents some projects that use the GNU Development Chain.


Kernels and Operating System Components


MCX11 is a MicroController eXecutive for 68HC11. The kernel has been ported to work with the GNU compiler. The port has been made by Jean-Michel Roux. It can be downloaded at: [].


MCX12 is a port of MCX11 optimized for HCS12 microcontroller. It uses HCS12 new instructions and addressing modes and the tasks can be located in different banks. The port has been made and is maintained by Jean-Michel Roux. Visit the GCC to MCX12 page at: [].


NanoK is a very small kernel for the 68hc11. It works with the GCC port. It is maintained by Yann Gouy (yann_gouy at [nanoK.tar.gz]

Ethernet on 68HC11

Tom Parker (tom at designed an Ethernet board using a Cirrus/Crystal CS8900 controller and plugged it to an 68HC11-F1 board. He wrote a small IP-stack and Ethernet controller in C. This must be compiled under GNU/Linux with the GCC port (due to the use of Linux network headers).

[] Tom Parker created a small yahoo group for news and discussions at [].


Ingo Beckmann (ib at has ported uC/OS-II RTOS for work with the GNU tool chain. See [] to obtain Jean J. Labrosse's uc/OS. You can get the GNU port at [].

Mike Gruber (mike at wrote a small example using Ingo's uC/OS port to blink a LED from a task. You can get his example at [].

OS - A Real Time Operating System for the Motorola MC68HC11

OS is a simple round-robbin time slice operating system. OS has a fixed number of tasks, eight.

OS is written by Thomas Dean and is available at [].

Hc11-ide - A modular kernel and library for the handyboard, or potentially any 6811-based system

Hc11-ide originally started as an integrated development and control environment for the handyboard, but so far all the work has been on the kernel and library.

Currently under constant development, but looking for more testers/coders/experimenters/ideas/comments.

Primary focus is on modularity and kernel/library/userspace separation, so most should find at least some of it useful.

Available at [], and mirrored at [].



The GNU Embedded Libraries is a collection of embedded libraries and examples of 68HC11/68HC12 programs in C, assembly to show how to use the GNU development chain.

GEL home is: [].

Embedded Applications

The GameGirl

For a quick intro, the GameGirl is a designed-from-scratch portable gaming console. The focus of the project was using a Motorolla 68HC12A4 as the core brain, and developing a simple but useful "GameGirl SDK" for it (which includes graphics, sound, timers, input, and networking with other consoles), with a simple C API.

The maintainer is Loban Amaan Rahman (loban at See [].

EBCS - Embedded Bathroom Control System

EBCS is a 68HC11 embedded system used to control some bathroom equipments (fan, light, ...). It displays the temperature and humidity and controls the bathroom fan.

EBCS sources and hardware schematics are available at [].

PF11 - An ANS Forth Implementation for the 68HC11

PF11 is a 16-bit implementation of the Forth programming language for the Motorola 68HC11 microcontroller.

PF11 is provided by Andrew Sterian and you can get sources and binaries at [].

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