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The GNU 68HC11/12 development chain comes with several libraries. Other libraries may be provided by external or third-party packages.

GNU 68HC11/12 Libraries

  • libgcc is the compiler runtime library. Basically it defines arithmetic routines and utility routines that the compiler uses. This library is mandatory and is know to the linker as -lgcc
  • libc is a complete C library. This library is huge for an embedded target. You may use it

but your program (binary size) will grow up quickly if you use operations such as printf.

  • libm is a complete Math library. You don't want to use this library. If you think you should,

please reconsider. Using this library makes a non embeddable program: it creates huge executables.

Other Libraries

  • GEL is a set of embedded libraries that are targeted at 68HC11 and 68HC12 boards. It includes

a C library that you can embed in your programs. The C library is much more usable than the GNU one.

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